Mel & Colin

There are no words to say how thankful Colin and I are for what you did these past couple months and yesterday. You seriously KILLED it. I love you both so much and am so thankful for everything you have done. You're the absolute best, we don't know what we would've done without you.


Julie Christine Photography

lexandra & Michael

We thought we could handle everything ourselves, but last minute hired Sarah & Susan from Wedding & Design by Cloud 9 and we're so glad we did! They really made it so we could just relax and have an awesome day instead of having to answer questions from vendors or staff, or figure out what to do when our linens didn't arrive with the rest of our rentals! And at the end of dinner when our caterers asked what we wanted to do with the leftover food (which I never thought was something I'd have to deal with) they ran out and bought tin lasagna trays and wrapped it all up for us. They also did an awesome job just slowly tidied up as the night went on so it wasn't a mad rush at the end of the night. Highly recommend hiring so you and your family and friends can just focus on celebrating.

Danika Lee Photography

bbey & Tyler

Starting off I had the most perfect wedding I could ever have imagined; needless to say without Sarah & Sue that day it would not have gone nearly as smooth! I thought I had everything planned out, but a month out I had a bit of a panic but Sarah and Sue came to the rescue. I HIGHLY recommended them- they took me in and sorted all the little things out, everything I never had even thought about. I can honestly say I was not stressed for a moment all day because I trusted it in their hands. Anything wedding needed, these girls got you covered.

Sarah put the florals on my cake because it did not arrive it the time we had planned- she did a beautiful job!

Also they set up the second half (surprise half) of my reception. (Florals by November Blooms)

Sarah made me a Caligraphy “lawn games and lounging” chalkboard sign just as I found online!

10/10 for Wedding & Design by Cloud 9!

Abbey & Ty.jpg

Shauneille Ross Photography

ameri and julie.JPG
Ameri and Juelie Collab

We absolutely love tent weddings! Shout out to Wedding & Design by Cloud 9 for being amazing coordinators and making setting up so much fun.

K    ayla & Gage

Mother of the bride: They took care of the day of coordinating for my daughters wedding. They did a fantastic job! We are so thankful for the great job they did! I would recommend them to anyone! With the day being so busy it’s nice to know someone is taking care of the details so you can enjoy the day which truly flies by faster than you think.


Julia Carla Photography

Trisha & James

Everything went 200% perfect. I'm so over the top pleased with every vendor/person I hired to be part of my wedding. I need to give a huge shout out and I definitely recommend hiring them.

Lifestyle Photography - Charlie Vowles